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Subway Bellas Artes
Subway Hidalgo
Metrobus Bellas Artes

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The Alameda Central is the oldest public park in Latin America, the most traditional in Mexico City due to its large artworks it’s considered like an outdoor museum.

It’s located in the downtown of Mexico City, next to the Bellas Artes Palace.

The Alameda has faced more than 400 years of history and experiences in Mexico City, and it has always been a safe quiet beautiful place and with an important number of new inhabitants. Doubtlessly it’s one of the most adorable recreation places for Mexico city´s inhabitants.

On November 26th 2012, la first park of America was remodeled; trees were planted and the fields were improved; fountains, sculptures and the Juárez monument were restored. In addition four new fountains were built located on the Alameda corners, the Angela Peralta Street became pedestrian crossing and public street lighting were installed so that the Alameda could be visited at night with more security .